York Downs Golf & Country Club

York Downs Golf and Country Club was founded in 1922, by a group of golf enthusiasts wanting a select, first class golf club and is one of Toronto's oldest.

In 1971, the club relocated to 16th Ave. in Unionville, Ontario, just north of Toronto. The clubhouse is an architectural classic,designed by the very successful architectural firm, Shore Tilbey.

Equinox has been extremely fortunate to have participated in the majority of the changes to the clubhouse and its master plan to renovate all areas of the clubhouse over the past 10 years. From locker rooms, to functional social areas, to specialized technical requirements, Equinox has led the team of consultants as project manager to ensure the quality of the original contemporary design hasand will be maintained. Equinox has also been retained as the  club's construction manager carrying out the majority of the renovations during the off season so that disruption to the members has been kept to a minimum.